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The eSolve Office™ Pricing

Pricing includes all basic modules included with activeCollab.
Additional 3rd party and non-standard activeCollab (A51 doo) modules available at module cost plus customization charge (See below).

Unlimited Projects Unlimited Users
8 GB storage
No Commitment
Additional storage available - $2/GB/month

Unlimited Projects Unlimited Users
8 GB storage
Save 15% compared to monthly payments
Additional storage available - $24/GB/year


Other Products and Services

Customization and Technical Support
$125/hr plus 3rd party or non-standard activeCollab module costs.

Custom programming and add-ons, interface design and modification, and archival DVDs. Need a BOM or CRM system add-on module, custom language support, or other specific need? eSolve will provide customization and design services.

Examples of customization include:

Add Non-standard or 3rd party modules - add modules such as Notebooks, SVN Repository, Time and Expense Tracking, Invoices, ToDo, etc.
Custom Themes: The overall “look and feel” of the application can be altered to match organizational websites and meet specific wording requirements and language needs.
Module Development: Custom modules for The eSolve Office™ can be designed and added to enhance and increase the value of the application to the needs of the business. Modules and functions not of value to the business or teams can also be removed.

Quick Start Training ($499 plus travel expenses)
eSolve experts will spend 1/2 day with you and your organization and provide comprehensive quick start training and guidance to get all the users off on the right foot. The training focuses on usage and best practise /effective implementation of The eSolve Office.
Virtual Office Assistant - $60/hr.
Not enough time to devote to keeping your eSolve Office in order? We'll provide a Virtual Office Assistant to help out. Just pay an upfront retainer, then call or submit a helpdesk request when you need assistance.