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What is the The eSolve Office and who is it for?

The eSolve Office is a web-based project management and collaboration tool for small to medium sized organizations with dispersed teams, clients, and contractors
and work teams within larger organizations, whose managers and employees need a better way to work. The eSolve Office is also intended for work groups and organizations who either do not have or choose not to have a dedicated IT infrastructure, and wish to outsource this service. They may be frustrated with spending too much time and money on the road, too much time sifting through their email, or the high costs of maintaining their own IT systems. Organizations use the eSolve Office to work and manage projects anytime and from any place.

How are people using The eSolve Office?

Here are a few examples how The eSolve Office is being used:

Manage customer and internal projects
Interface with contractors
Facilitate organization-to-organization work
Develop proposals
Develop work procedures
Knowledge management
Track billable hours and project costs in real-time
Facilitate communications with remote workers.
Facilitate freelance workgroups and consortiums.

Can I ask users outside of my organization to participate in my eSolve Office account?

A resounding Yes! The eSolve Office addresses a fundamental need and current problem in communicating and working with other organizations. Instead of being limited by email, fax, face-to-face, and real-time meetings, you can communicate and work globally, anytime, any place, including other time zones in other countries.

Is our data backed up in case of an emergency?

Nightly backups of all information is performed, with information written to multiple locations, including off-site backups. We can perform a full backup recovery.  We have redundant hardware so even if storage drives fail, nothing will be lost. Our uptime is over 99%. Our servers are physically located in a premiere, secure, and reliable data center in Albany, NY that has fire suppression systems, high-end security, triple redundant AC, power backup, and Internet connections, and is staffed 24/7.  We also maintain offsite backup systems as well, with duplicated data.

Is The eSolve Office reliable, secure and confidential?  Is our data safe?  Where is the data hosted?

The eSolve Office site is access controlled. Users login using their email address and a password. No one except users with accounts have access to content. Once users login, they only see content appropriate for their role. All information is further protected by high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption for all communication to/from your workspace. This security ensures that no one can intercept login information or site content or view information traveling between computers. As with any security system, it is critical that you do not share IDs and passwords, since most security breaches start with human error. Our state-of-the-art server systems are professionally managed by eSolve Solutions, which has 20+ years direct experience managing secure government information systems and facilities. For more information, please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy If you have any questions call (518) 632-1092 or

Can we export our data if we don't want to use The eSolve Office anymore?  What format is the export in?

Yes, all the data that you store in The eSolve Office is yours.  All information in every project can be turned into a project archive by the project manager, at any time, using the Project Exporter.  This action creates a compressed zip file that contains all the information in a project that can be easily viewed as a webpage and imported to MS Office and other applications (in XML format).  A sample project export result may be viewed here:

eSolve can also create an archival DVD that contains all project information in HTML format as identified in Additional Services under pricing. An Application Programming Interface (API ) that allows you to access your data from other applications that you currently use, is also available.

Can we install The eSolve Office on our own server?

The eSolve Office is offered as software delivered, on-demand, over the Internet, so you have access to your data anytime, anyplace.  You have no upfront investment or software to download or maintain.  We maintain the servers, security settings, and all the updates and improvements, so you don't have to think about any of these things.

On a case basis, if desired, eSolve will work with clients to install the application on their own server.

Do you provide phone support?

We sure do.  You can contact one of our knowledgeable employees Monday - Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. EST.  We also offer unlimited web-based support 24/7 through The eSolve Office Helpdesk feature and do our best to respond to your questions within hours of receiving them.

Can you customize The eSolve Office for us?

Absolutely.  This is where The eSolve Office is different from other on-demand project management software.  You can make The eSolve Office your own - and essentially rebrand it with your organizations look and feel.  The first hour of customization services is included free each month.  Several options are available for customization.  eSolve can change the look of the application to match colors and wording used by your organization or teams.  We can also create custom interfaces to connect to your existing applications.  Finally, we can develop additional modules to add new functionality directly into the application.

How do we pay?  Can we pay for a year in advance?

We will invoice you and you can either pay on a monthly basis, or in a pre-paid lump sum every 12 months. (15% discount for subscription costs for the 12 month period).  

Are there sign-up fees?  Termination fees?  Any hidden fees we should know about?

There are absolutely no hidden fees or sign-up fees.  You may save $100 by purchasing QuickStart™ Training with your subscription at a reduced price of $399. (Regularly $499). There are no fees to terminate the month-to-month agreement. You may cancel at anytime to prevent future charges. If you cancel an annual subscription, you will be charged the month-to-month rate for the number of months used and receive a refund for your remaining months.

How does your refund policy work?

When you sign-up for your account, you automatically get a full, 30-day money-back guarantee for the cost of your first month subscription. Give it a try – your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What is your pricing structure?

It's Simple. The eSolve Office™ is $199/month or $2030/yr - a 15% savings over monthly payments. Click here for more pricing info. A Project is anything that you or your team needs to accomplish by working together - your decide. All activities in the eSolve Office are grouped by Project.

What browser platforms are supported?

The eSolve Office is a web-based application, which means it's hosted on our servers and you don't need to download anything. It's supported using Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox and Safari. A mobile web-version is automatically detected and used when you access The eSolve Office via your Smart Phone, such and an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile device. Once you sign-up, you can start using it immediately, and invite others to use it as well - either within or outside your organization.

How long does it take to setup my eSolve Office account?

Setup is easy. Depending on the level of customization, we can have you up and running in one day.

Will I get junk mail and spam if I give you my email address?

We will not share your information with third parties or send you unsolicited communications. We respect and protect your privacy.
Can you benefit by using The eSolve Office?
If you answer YES to any of these questions, the eSolve Office may be for you!

1) Are you paying monthly fees for on-line solutions such as Basecamp, but are finding they are not expandable or customizable enough to work for your specific business?
2) Do you want a custom solution, but also want to avoid the expense and time of setting up, managing, and maintaining your own servers and project collaboration software?
3) Have you purchased collaboration tools, but found them too difficult to maintain and use?
4) Do you have custom needs, with teams dispersed, made up of members from different organizations and locations?
5) Have you tried a variety of methods, but are still having trouble communicating, coordinating, and managing the work and knowledge of these members?
6) Have you implemented communication and planning tools (email, video conferencing, mobile devices, various software solutions, etc.), with little success?
7) Don't have an adequate IT infrastructure or don't want to invest in one?
8) Are you faced with too much data, but can't keep it organized?
9) Is setting up projects, and establishing work priorities a problem, but the tools you are using aren't working?
10) Are you having trouble delivering a final product at a reasonable cost and in an acceptable timeframe?