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The eSolve Office™
A Custom Virtual Office
For the price others charge for a "one-size-fits-all" solution.
We're different because we leverage 3rd party modules to offer customizations

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The eSolve Office™ is a custom online project collaboration solution. It combines the technologies of social networking and Web 2.0 tools, such as collaborative non-real time discussion and shared document areas, with project management. The result is a virtual environment created specifically for you. Customization is our business focus! It is powered by activeCollab®. Since 2007, eSolve has leveraged activeCollab® to create custom, secure, cloud / web - based environments specifically for organizations and team members just like yours! It is the best project collaboration tool available.
Don't settle for a generic solution such as Basecamp™, or spend time and money to setup and manage your own servers and software. Get exactly what you want from eSolve in a secure and custom environment, paying only a low monthly fee! Let eSolve unlock the potential of activeCollab® for your organization!

Need a CRM, BOM, or want a custom setup that includes 3rd party modules? We'll work with you to add the exact features you need. We are an authorized activeCollab® developer and work with the development community to get you the setup you need.